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Erin Yenney

I love Goal Soccer Training! They are organized and professional, and always give me a good workout. I am a pro player, but whether you are playing pro or just starting out or anywhere in between, this kind of technical and agility training is so important for every level. I wish I had access to them when I was younger because the training is FUN too! Angel and Joe are always encouraging and help you stay confident and motivated. I love that they are happy to adjust the session to your goals as well.

Mat Skupien

I would highly recommend this 1 on 1 soccer training program to anyone especially if you are looking to improve your game. I wasn’t really ever the strongest or fastest one in my games and my goal was to get faster and stronger and Goal Soccer Training really helped me and motivated me to achieve these goals and definitely improved my game not only making me faster and stronger, but also improving my game in different ways such as passing and ball skills and control.

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