• Angel Soto

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - What Should a Soccer Player Eat?

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Goal Soccer Training

It's not rocket science the more green and fresh food you eat, the less inflammation. The more sugar processed foods, more inflammation.

"Inflammation is often the chief reason you feel old, since it produces aching joints, loss of energy, brain fog, memory loss, and much more." - Dr. Frank Lipman

Having a healthy relationship with foodFirst things first, it may feel difficult to even define what a healthy relationship with food looks and feels like. Let’s start there by sharing what healthy relationships with food might be like—as they’re different for everyone.

Having a healthy relationship with food could mean that you enjoy foods that you understand are promoting better health outcomes. For example, recognizing that eating enough protein per day contributes to maintaining lean muscle mass or that eating healthy fats can be good for cardiovascular and brain health.

It can also mean that you feel little to no guilt, shame, or regret around your food choices. That you may be more mindful during the times you do eat, slow down to enjoy the food for what it is. Eating until you’re comfortably full and eating again when you feel physical hunger. Giving yourself open relationships to all foods—not identifying something as clean/dirty or good/bad or on/off limits. Not planning a makeup meal or assigning planned cheat days to binge/overindulge. Focusing on nourishment for the body.

Potential Benefits

In my professional opinion, tracking your food can be a great tool to keep yourself accountable whenever you’re making changes to your eating habits.

It can provide accountability, excitement, motivation, and inspiration.

Potential Challenges

If and when tracking food intake in whatever capacity you are using it, becomes a stress, an obsession, a reward, or it becomes a feeling or an action that holds a lot