• Angel Soto

3 Types of Motivation to Achieve Your Soccer Goals

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Players often say that one of their biggest challenges is staying committed and motivated to their training.

We sometimes lose motivation when we hit a plateau. Plateaus in performance sometimes occur when you don’t see any measurable improvement even though you are working hard.

Thus, when you don’t see gains in performance, is it difficult for you to stay committed to your training program?

What is Commitment in Soccer?

Commitment is a type of motivation. It is the ability to stick with a program, method, or philosophy and apply it daily over a long period EVEN in times of adversity.

How Do You Stay Committed to Your Practice Plan And Goals in Soccer?

The first step to improving commitment is to identify beliefs or distractions that sabotage your motivation. Armed with this information, you are in a position to change your attitude for the better.

Three Ways Soccer Players Sabotage Their Own Commitment:

1. Impatience with improvement: Soccer players often want a quick fix, something that works immediately. If it does not work fast, they are prone to throw it away and not try it again.